B ack Story

As the only little girl on one side of our family, I was rather indulged. Initially, I had two 8 inch dolls, a Betsy McCall and a Ginny, and used to make them cardboard furniture from cigar boxes and tissue boxes and wooden toothpicks. As I grew older, and fonder of my growing doll family, my grandfather began to make them furniture, while my grandmother and great aunt started sewing and knitting lovely outfits for them.

My mother had a great passion for collecting and so I began to pester her to buy my beloved dolls yet more furniture and miniature domestic items, as we trawled through each and every antique shop in north-eastern Ohio. The little doll's world, which I had amassed, provided endless, happy hours of play, with me as "writer" of the story and "director" of the action.

When my parents moved house many years later, the dolls and furniture were sent to London where I now lived. Eventually, I had six god-daughters and a delightful niece - all of whom enjoyed playing with my old dolls and their wonderful, worldly goods. During the very cold winter of 2010 when I had little work as a garden designer, I thought it would be nice if little girls today could enjoy the delights of playing with similar dolls and furniture. And so I began the year-long search for the dolls, furniture, wallpaper, clothing and domestic accessories which comprise the charming items now available from GOOD GOLLY MISS DOLLY.