S afety and Fragility

Fragility obviously varies from item to item - whereas the wicker items are quite fragile, the heavier wooden items are not. And of course, any protruding parts, such as bedposts or chair legs are more susceptible to breakage. Since most of our furniture is wood or metal, please take care - whilst we find that most children seem to have a sense that some of these items are delicate, it is obviously wise to choose the sturdier items for younger children's play.

However, the very fact that these items still exist means that they have not only been cared for, but also played with, for decades. And the scale of our furniture is more user-friendly (to a child's hand) than that of the usual doll house scale.

In our experience, today's children are fascinated by these vintage toys, possibly because they are more "real" than modern plastic imitations. They are "real" in the sense that they are miniature versions of everyday objects, and most importantly - made from real materials, such as wood, metal, and ceramic. These qualities make them wonderfully satisfying playthings.

But, like plastic, real materials can break. Please take care when allowing children to play with these items and please do not allow children under the age four years of age to do so! There are simply too many little items that could be swallowed. In addition, please take care when using and unpacking any of the furniture with glass doors or mirrors. Similarly, take care when unpacking and playing with the ceramic items - most of our china is exactly that, and not plastic.

Before we accept your money, we will ask you to confirm that you have read the SAFETY AND FRAGILITY NOTES above and accept that you have to assume responsibility when allowing children to play with these items.