Vintage Caravan or Camper Van

Details of each item

Caravan: This was the first caravan made for the Sindy doll in the late 1970’s - later replaced by a predominately plastic model. It is made from hardboard and wood, with big plastic wheels and screw-jack stabilizers, one at each end. It has a wooden door, cut-out windows and a turquoise roof which slides off. Inside it is brightly decorated in colours fashionable during the ‘70’s such as orange, olive green, yellow and turquoise. We have added some wallpaper in olive green at the seating end, plus an upper shelf at either end to hold all the kitchen equipment – please see the detail photos.

The wooden table features a long bench on either side; each has been fitted with long (mattress) cushions and six scatter cushions, created in a medley of vintage prints. Since each bench is also a sleeping space, we’ve made a lovely duvet for each side, one in a Liberty-print. Note that all our cushions and bedding are handmade and hand washable. Please see the close-up photos of this end of the caravan. The upper shelf at this end holds a set of yellow plastic plates and cutlery, four china mugs, two turquoise cups plus a long serving plate holding fruit and bread.

On the other side of the caravan is the kitchen end comprising a long wooden shelf, printed with a sink, drainers and hob unit. We’ve added another upper shelf for storage, plus a multitude of camping accessories: tins of food, jar of honey, blue plastic pot, metal fish kettle, plastic storage bins, plastic bucket and wooden mop, metal frying pan, sack of potatoes, dark plastic footstool, plastic jug, pint of milk, fizzy drink bottle, and a wooden chest of drawers with red plastic handles. On the wall hangs a little basket.

In addition, there’s a little dog, it’s bowl, plus two fishing rods and an amazing basket holding tiny (fake) ice cubes and three fish. Outside there is also a red deck chair. Should you like to see more photos of this item, please contact us with your email address.

Dimensions: 18in / 45cm long, 10 in/25cm wide, 19in/48cm overall length including the stabilizers, 14.5in/36cm high.

Imperfections: Please note that these are vintage items, so the caravan is not absolutely perfect – there is some damage to the rear exterior wall as the detail photo shows.

Background: A photograph of a watery field (copyright of GOOD GOLLY MISS DOLLY) has been mounted on two pieces of A3 foam board. Each piece of foam board measures approximately 39 x 28.5cm or 11 x 15in. A piece of fake grass is also included in our price below.

Price: for all the items in the garden set shown, excluding the dolls, and their clothes, £250.00.

Price: £250.00

DOLLS: Three auburn-haired dolls are sharing the caravan and having a good time ‘goin ‘fishin. On the right, a Kripplebush Kids doll with her hair in braids/plaits, her brother an unknown doll and seated on the comforter is a Garden Gals doll.

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