Antique Edwardian Doll Bathroom

Details of each item

All things considered, this is rather a rare and wonderful room set. In our six-year search for the best, handmade doll furniture in 1:6 scale, we have never come across a set of items like this. We hope you enjoy seeing it, as much as we enjoyed assembling it.

Bench and Cupboard: Part of the complete, hand-crafted, wooden set is the bench, with it’s storage seat (see photo) and the matching overhead, two door cabinet. The bench storage can hold small towels, while the cupboard holds a few bottles, including the perfume bottle and bath salts bottle shown. On the bench is a fluffy white towel and a silvery hand mirror.

Sink and Mirror: Again, two parts of the original complete bathroom set, is this wooden pedestal sink and mirror, handmade in delightful early 20th century style. The mirror has lost some of its silvering but is none the less charming for that imperfection. The height of the sink at the front is 4in/11cm.

Bathtub: This is an antique, metal bathtub, which could actually hold water, if you like? It features the original, creamy white paint with a golden band at the top, and four pewter-coloured, metal feet. On the wall behind the tub is a little wooden shelf to hold soap in a pewtery soap dish. In front, a velvet fabric remnant makes a perfect rug. To the right of the tub is a vintage, wooden hat stand, here used to hold another fluffy white towel.

Toilet and Screen: The two-piece, wooden toilet is the final part of the original, handmade bathroom set – even the toilet seat opens. To the side of the toilet, we’ve added a low wooden screen, with one side featuring the same wallpaper as on the bathroom’s walls.

Walls: The three rear walls of this bathroom set all feature two papers. The lower one is a tiny, faux tile design with a semi-glossy finish to imitate ceramic tiles; the upper paper is Italian, re-printed from a document print. Each of the three 5mm foamboard walls in this set are 10.75in tall x 11.75 in wide/30cm tall x 27cm wide. Please note that a strip of double sided Velcro will be included so you can postion each piece of this amazing bathroom suite as you wish.

Price: £175.00

Price: £175.00 for all items shown in the photos, except for the doll and her clothes. She is a vintage Madame Alexander Portrette doll, who is for sale in our Etsy shop, GoodGollyMissDollyUK, along with some amazing vintage clothes for her.

Shipping: All our room sets are sent via a tracked and insured method. This kitchen room set will be sent to you in two parcels - one containing the walls, so apologies if our shipping prices seem a tad high. If your destination is not shown, please contact us for a tracked and insured price.

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