Orange Op Art 1960's Kitchen

Details of each item

Sink, Refrigerator and Stove: A really fun array of appliances, all along one, bright, op-art-patterned wall. There are no maker’s marks on this metal kitchen but these terrific playthings were commonly in both East and West Germany during the 1960s. Please note the array of kitchen utensils on the hanging rack and the wealth of cupboard space. Although this kitchen is not in perfect condition (the silvery metal handles and sink are a bit tarnished), all the colours are bright and all the doors close securely. It’s also unusual to get a built-in refrigerator, since the appliances are terrifically hard to find.

We’ve added a wealth of accessories – note the amazing two flowery pans, the copper kettle, the three, red ceramic condiment jars and the circular wooden chopping board, as well as the sponge and dish towel by the kitchen sink. The overall height is 13 in/33.5cm and it is 20.25 in/52cm long. Note: If you would like to see more photos of these items, please let us know.

Table and Two Chairs: These hand-made pieces are charming replicas of the cork-topped tables and chairs so popular in the mid century years. Please see our close-up photo of these three pieces and note the useful little drawer in the table. We’ve also added a more modern chair to this kitchen, in moulded, white plastic.

The table is set for a breakfast or lunch with the little girls about to have some eggs on toast, perhaps followed by grapefruit from the basket on the table. In total, this kitchen comes with four ceramic bowls, four ceramic plates, four cups to go with the beautiful, turned wood teapot , a red ceramic pot holding the silvery cutlery, a pot of honey and a ceramic vase holding some yellow flowers. In addition, we’ve made a bright 60’s print tablecloth.

Walls: To accommodate the ultra-long kitchen unit, we’ve reconfigured our walls slightly for this room, with measurements below. The walls themselves are covered in retro-styled paper, which has been mounted on two pieces of 5mm thick. foam board. The first piece measures 22in/56cm long x 13.5in/34.5cm high, extending to another 11in/28.5 on the left if fully extended. In addition, there is another, separate wall on the right side, measuring 10.25 in/26.5cm x 13.5in/34.5cn high, to arrange as you will.

Price: £200.00

Price: For all items in the room set shown £200.00. This price excludes the price of the dolls and their clothes, but these may be available upon request.

Shipping: All our rooms sets are sent via a tracked and insured method. This kitchen room set will be sent to you in two parcels - one containing the walls, so apologies if our shipping prices seem a tad high. If your destination is not shown, please contact us for a tracked and insured price.


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