Kitchen with 1950s Metal Sink

Details of each item

KITCHEN SINK: A 1950-1960s metal sink in good vintage condition, with the most amazing feature - on the back of the sink, there is a little trough where one could put water so that the brass sink taps would have running water! Unfortunately, we can't get them to function, but a patient plumber might. The sink, in classic '50s' colours of red and cream, comes with a vintage pan, ladle, dishcloth and scrubbing brush, plus a modern box of potatoes and carrots. Please note that the sink is not perfect - there are several tiny surface scratches, which are visible on the close-up photos.

BENCH, TABLE AND TWO CHAIRS: Similar period, woven wicker furniture with minimal damage to the wicker although one chair (on the left of the main photo) is slightly wonky and, the table top is slightly uneven. The table is set with a lovely, vintage ceramic tea set - and for tea there is a chocolate bar and tea cakes.

RUG: a vintage doily with a ring of red flowers like those in the wallpaper - the doily can also be used as a tablecloth.

WALLS: Covered in a modern wrapping paper, which has been mounted on two pieces of 5mm thick, A3 foam board. Each piece of foam board measures 42 x 29.5cm or 11 5/8 x 16 3/8 in. On the wall hang three pieces of vintage tinware.

Price: £125.00

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Dolls: Available from our selection of vintage dolls. Please see the relevant section of our website for a larger choice. Shown here, a Vogue Jill doll in excellent vintage condition, dressed in a sweet, homemade, vintage dress.


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