White Chaise Longue Garden

Details of each item

Chaise Longues: Gorgeous, vintage, ornate, white metal seating – one larger than the other, but both sturdily made in finely-woven white metalwork. They’ve each been accessorized with the addition of a striped base cushion and a multitude of smaller scatter cushions, all made from vintage fabrics. Note that all cushions are handmade and hand washable – please see the close-up photo. A vintage, ceramic cat sits on the larger chaise. Measurements: base of larger chaise 7 x 3 in/ 16 x 7.5cm; base of smaller chaise 4 x 2 in/10 x 5cm approximately.

Table: Another vintage, white metal piece with a pale wood top. It holds a flowered, ceramic tea set for four - two plates hold little sandwiches and green apples for your doll’s lunch.

Birdcage: Vintage, white metal birdcage holding two parakeets.

Plants: Two, white-washed, terracotta plant pots hold white (paper) roses.

Fencing: A foldable white picket fence is been placed in the background, but it can be arranged as you will.

Background: A photograph (copyright of GOOD GOLLY MISS DOLLY) has been mounted on two pieces of A3 foam board. Each piece of foam board measures approximately 39 x 28.5cm or 11 x 15in. A piece of fake grass is also included in the price below.

Price: for all the items in the garden set shown, excluding the dolls, £125.00.

Shipping: We will send this furniture via a tracked method to your destination; the walls will be packed and sent separately. Consequently our shipping prices may seem a tad high – apologies

Dolls: The vintage dolls shown are a New Bright doll and an American Character Toni doll. Both are usually available upon request, or see the DOLLS section of this website.

Price: £125.00

Price includes all the items in the roomset shown

Please note that this price does not include any dolls or clothes shown. See below to buy this room set.

DOLLS: All chosen from our selection of vintage dolls - please see the DOLLS section of our website for a larger choice. Shown here, from left to right are a brunette Kripplebush Kids doll, an Oriental Madame Alexander doll, and a brunette Lesney Ginny. Please note that we always have lots of gorgeous vintage clothes for all 7"-10" dolls.


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