Pale Blue Dressing Room (SOLD)

Details of each item

WARDROBE: Made from a piece of 5mm thick foam board, which has been covered with copies of a Victorian illustration. A smooth metal hanging rail slides easily through the pre-drilled holes on both front panels of the wardrobe; once the steel rail has been removed, the wardrobe will fold flat. Each wardrobe comes with four plastic hangers for holding your doll's clothing.

CHAIR: Vintage wooden chair, painted pale blue with a stripped linen-covered cushion. (All soft furnishings are hand-washable).

PICTURE: A lovely, hand-painted porcelain brooch hung with a ribbon becomes a flower picture for the dolly's dressing room. Please note that the push-pin is glued in place.

WALLS: Covered in fine, Italian wrapping paper, which has been mounted on one-and-one half pieces of 5mm thick, A3 foam board to form the three walls of the room set.

DOLL: An optional part of this room set is a blonde Lesney 'Ginny' doll, dating from 1978. She comes with panties and shoes. (For other versions of this doll, please see the DOLLS section of this website. Or choose another doll from our selection and we will adjust the total price accordingly.)

CLOTHES: An optional part of this room set is a lovely capsule wardrobe comprising a flowery dress, a hand-knit cardigan and scarf, and brushed cotton pj's and dressing gown. Should you like more clothes for your doll such as play clothes, a party dress or a raincoat or winter coat, please let us know - we have a fine selection of doll's clothing to satisfy even the most fashion-conscious.