Really Retro Dining Room


Details of each item

Sideboard: A high quality, mid century piece from the American manufacturer, Hall's Lifetime Toys, once based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but sadly no longer in existence. This is a solid piece, in good condition, with the thin tapered legs, so characteristic of mid-twentieth century furniture. The sideboard has double opening doors, perfect storing everything a doll's dining room could want. On top, sits a ceramic vase, glazed in typical mid century style, which is holding fabric flowers (please see close-up photo).

Table: Another high quality piece from Halls Lifetime Toys, again with the typically thin, tapered legs. The table is set for lunch with bread, cheese and apples, plus wooden bowls for soup. In addition, there is a vintage white ceramic serving dish (holding the bread and cheese), plus four, additional, white ceramic plates, mugs and saucers. There's also a wooden teapot, white ceramic milk jug and white ceramic bowl to hold the "silver" cutlery.

Chairs: A stunning set of hand-made wooden chairs, in their original paint and featuring hand-woven seats - their squared-off lines suggest they were made in the 60's or 70's, and we believe this is a completely unique set.

Painting: a print mounted on a stretched artist's canvas.

Rug: A piece of modern felt - plain on one side, and printed with white stripes on the other.

Walls: Covered in wrapping paper, which is based on a textile design from 1952 by Marian Mahler. The paper has been mounted on two pieces of 5mm thick, A3 foam board. Each piece of foam board measures 42x29.5cm or 11 5/8 x 16 3/8in.

Price: £175.00

Price includes all the items in the roomset shown

Please note that this price does not include any dolls or clothes shown. See below to buy this room set.

DOLLS: Chosen from our selection of vintage dolls, but please see the relevant section of our website for a larger choice. Shown here: a Toni doll on the left, and a blonde Lesney Ginny doll, on the right, both wearing vintage clothing. Note that there are lots of other clothes available for all these dolls – please see the CLOTHES section of our website.


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