Country Dining Room (SOLD)

Details of each item

TABLE: Incredibly solid and sturdy hardwood table with tapered legs- this leg shape typical of French country furniture. The table probably dates from the early 20th c. A very robust piece, ideal for younger children’s play.

CHAIRS: Charming, rush-seated country-style chairs and one lower carver, each with a hand-painted motif. We suspect these may be modern pieces; nevertheless they are very nicely made.

DRESSER: Gorgeous and wonderfully solid dresser made from hardwood, probably about the same date as the table. The dresser has copper door and drawer pulls, which team nicely with the big copper pot and shallow pan displayed on the dresser. (Please note that the drawers of the dresser open, although the lower cupboard does not – see the close-up photo). Also note that the dresser has glass in its doors, so please take care.

In addition, there’s a selection of vintage, white, gold-rimmed china and a few modern pieces too, which come with the dresser. A hand painted brass and copper teapot plus three teacakes complete the room set.

WALLS: Covered in 1950’s style, modern wrapping paper, which has been mounted on two pieces of 5mm thick, A3 foam board. Each piece of foam board measures 42x29.5cm or 11 5/8 x 16 3/8in.

DOLLS: Available from our selection of vintage dolls. Please see the relevant section of our website for a larger choice. On the left, a Lesney Ginny doll in a velvet dress; on the right a Vogue Jill doll.