D oll's Clothing

We have assembled a large collection of vintage doll clothing. And, like our doll furniture, some has been factory-made, while much has been homemade. We particularly enjoy finding these beautifully crafted, handmade clothes, whether they are vintage or more unusually, newly-made. (Amazingly, there are still people who make these intricate items today and we like to encourage the modern makers - so our knitwear is specially commissioned and made for us by a fantastic knitter in Birmingham, England.)

Of course, like all vintage items, used doll clothing often has slight flaws, and whilst we have done our utmost to clean and repair everything we find, please be prepared to accept little imperfections. After all, many of the pieces are over 50 years old! (Box fresh vintage doll clothes are keenly sought by serious collectors, who are prepared to pay astronomical prices for them.) We are simply trying to assemble a lovely, usable wardrobe for each doll we sell - clothes capable of being worn by dolls for years to come.

In the Wardrobes section, we give you the option of choosing a Basic, Deluxe or Ultra-Deluxe wardrobe for your doll. In the Outfits section, we have grouped similar types of clothing together, e.g. Spring Coats. Each of the items in the Outfits section can be purchased with the doll they are shown on, or separately, or in conjunction with a Wardrobe.

To see our absolutely up-to-the minute vintage clothing finds, you might like to visit our shop on Etsy called GoodGollyMissDollyUK

In addition, please let us know if you have any special requests, as we have literally hundreds of items of clothing and accessories for 7-10 inch dolls.(In fact, many of our customers enjoy coming to our studio to select clothes for their dolls - we are always very happy to meet you, but do please make an appointment.)

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