1950' s Pink & Green Arco Bedroom

Details of each item

BED: This lovely, low double bed was made during the 1950’s-1970’s by Arco, a Hong Kong-based division of Mattel. It is nicely constructed from a highly-grained pale wood. We’ve added a foamboard mattress base, a ticking-covered mattress, a lower sheet and ornamented upper sheet, plus two coverlets – we made two for this room set because we couldn’t decide which one we liked best! One coverlet is flowered, one is dotted, both created from vintage, cotton fabrics. There’s also a stack of pillows – two white ones to match the top sheet, and one flowery one. The bed measures 6.75 x 10.25 inches/17 x 26cm, so it is perfect for all 7-9 inch dolls.

CHEST OF DRAWERS: The three drawer chest with mirror was also made by Arco during the same period. (This doll furniture is now quite collectible as it is hard to find in good condition. The chest is made of the same wood as the matching bed, although the drawers inside are made of stiff cardboard which has been wood-grained. We’ve lined each drawer with vintage paper, visible in one of our photos. On top is a green ceramic vase filled with some (faux) flowers, a white plastic brush and comb set, and a tiny red metal alarm clock (not working).

ROCKING CHAIR: Another marvellous, mid century find is this sleek rocker, with tall back and very fine spindles – a perfect reading chair for your doll. We’ve added a soft velvet cushion from a vintage fabric scrap.

SHELVES: Two painted wooden shelves hold a few toys for each doll – there’s books, a ball, a blackboard and a jar of sweets.

BEDSIDE TABLE: A handmade, low table- perfect also as a little desk for the little teddy bear. We’ve made the lamp on top but the shade in a vintage pleated plastic item in just the right shade of green! There’s also two little house plants on top of this table.

MINIATURE CHAIR: A tiny, mid-century, vintage wooden chair is a perfect size for the cream teddy bear, both of which come with this room set.

RUG: A piece of pale green felt makes a perfect little rug.

WALLS: Covered in a delightful vintage-inspired flowery print, which has been mounted on two pieces of 5mm thick A3 foam board. Each piece of foam board measures 42x29.5cm or 11 5/8 x16 3/8in.

Price: £175.00

PRICE: £175.00 for the room set – this price excludes the dolls shown. This price excludes shipping to your destination.