1950' s Pink Bunkbed Bedroom

Details of each item

BUNK BEDS: We were very pleased to get this hard-to-find set of Strombecker bedroom furniture. The beds and the wardrobe were manufactured in America during the 1950’s, arguably the heyday of doll furniture when there were at least four large companies making incredibly high quality, wooden items. This set of bunk beds can be arranged either as matching twin beds, or as a single bunk bed since they come apart, and stack easily. What is unusual about them is the cream paintwork, which has been decorated with lovely floral decals. They also have their original ladder, which can be stored under a bed when not in use. The beds each measure 10.5in/25cm long and are 9in/23 high when stacked.

BEDCLOTHES:s with all our beds, these bunks come with a lovely array of handmade bedding: a white cotton mattress, a white cotton undersheet, a beautifully embroidered top sheet (please see our photo of this) and a sprigged cotton bedspread. There’s also a pillow covered with a lace-edged pillowcase for each bed. Note that all of this bedding is made with vintage, cotton fabric, and is completely hand-washable.

RUG: A piece of very thick, woven Brussels weave tapestry fabric makes the perfect rug.

SHELVES: Two painted wooden shelves hold a few toys for each doll – there’s books, a ball, a blackboard and a jar of sweets.

BABY CARRIAGE: A vintage, metal baby carriage comes with this room set and makes the perfect bed or vehicle for the two little teddy bears.

WAGON: A painted metal wagon with moving wheels holds two teddy bears – one pink, one beige.

WALLS: Covered in a delightful vintage-inspired print, which has been mounted on two pieces of 5mm thick A3 foam board. Each piece of foam board measures 42x29.5cm or 11 5/8 x16 3/8in.

Price: £175.00

PRICE: For all the items shown in this room set, the price is £175.00. This price excludes the dolls and their clothes, but these may be available upon request, or in our Etsy shop, GoodGollyMissDollyUK.