French Grey Twin Bedroom

Details of each item

BEDS: A matching pair of completely remarkable, hand-made, folding wooden beds, dating from the early part of the twentieth century, if not before. When we found these pieces, their original cardboard bases were very torn, so the bases have been repaired and reinforced with wooden slats. We then made two of our soft, hand-made mattress to rest on the slatted bases. The other handmade bedding comprises: two fine cotton sheets, two embroidered top sheets, two flowery quilts and two damask-striped bedspreads. In addition, there are also two pillows, two pillowcases featuring vintage fabric appliqués, plus two damask-covered bolsters to match the bedspreads. Note: all bedding is hand-made and hand-washable. Please see the close-up photos of the bed to see the details of the bedclothes The inside measurement of each bed is 27.5cm or 10.5 in.

CHEST OF DRAWERS: A finely-made vintage piece manufactured by Halls Lifetime Toys (ask us to see our photo of the label on the underside of the piece, if you like), which we have painted grey to match the rest of the furniture. The four working drawers are lined with vintage papers, while on top sits a white ceramic vase holding a bunch of faux white rosebuds. On the wall above the drawers is a ornate frame surrounding a faded print of a swallow in flight.

LAMPS: The pair of handmade, grey and white wooden lamps, which feature vintage lace lampshades.

DRESSING TABLE: A handmade, vintage piece which has been painted soft grey; it has a working drawer, lined with vintage paper. On top sits a non-working, French style clock and an vintage hand mirror, pus another lamp as described above. In front of the dressing table sits a little vintage, wooden chair, which has also been painted grey.

LITTLE CHAIR: A charming, wooden, shield-back chair, which has been hand-painted. A soft cream teddy bear enjoys his or her seat.

RUG: A fine scrap of vintage cotton velveteen makes a soft rug.

WALLS: We couldn’t find the right wallpaper for this little bedroom, so we created the striped effect on the walls from strips of three high-quality, Italian wrapping papers, which have been mounted on two pieces of 5mm thick A3 foam board. Each piece of foam board measures 42x29.5cm or 11 5/8 x16 3/8in.

FURNITURE NOTE: The black metal framework which distinguishes all this Art Deco furniture, could arguably be repainted. We have not done this as we believe it will detract from the antique vale of the set, but if you want us to do this for you, we will. Please look carefully at our photo of the chair, and you will see the slight chips to the paint

Price: £300.00

PRICE: For all the items shown in this room set £300.00.

DOLLS: Chosen from our selection of vintage dolls – please see the relevant section of our website for a greater choice. The doll shown here is a vintage Betsy McCall – her handmade nightgown is available from our Esty shop, GoodGollyMissDollyUK.