1950' s Pink & Green Arco Bedroom

Details of each item

Without a doubt, this is the most incredible set of bedroom furniture we’re ever found! It dates from the early decades of the twentieth century and appears to have been handmade in oak and metal by an incredibly talented and skilled craftsperson. This is an antique set of furniture, and not delicate, but of museum quality. The amazing items are described below:

BED: A single bed made from a combination of oak panels and metal framework, created in an ultra-stylish, minimalist mode. It features a wealth of handmade bedclothes: two sheets, one reversible, cotton eiderdown/duvet made from vintage prints, and one, mint green crocheted bedspread, with it’s handmade bolster cushion. There’s also a little pillow with its crochet-trimmed pillowcase – please see all the photos of this delightful, handmade and hand-washable bed linen. But the most amazing thing of all is the mattress which came with the bed - take a look at its dozens of tufts – and the fully spring base which supports it! The bed measures 10in/25.5cm long internally x 5in/13cm wide, so this bed is suitable for all 7in-10in/17-25cm dolls. The headboard height is 6.5in/16cm.

SIDE TABLE/ NIGHTSTAND: A little side table holds one of our handmade (non-working) lamps with it’s pleated paper lampshade plus a non-working, brass alarm clock. Note that this piece has a small, opening top drawer and an opening cupboard too.

CHEST OF DRAWERS: The most complicated piece in this amazing suite is this dresser. Not only does it have four fully-working drawers which we have lined with some wallpaper scraps, but the top and back-splash resemble marble, made from an early plastic material, and then there’s the shelf for holding dolly’s perfume bottles, topped by the bevelled mirror – truly a stunning antique piece in its own right. On the top surface of the dresser is a white plastic brush and comb, four little books and five, handmade perfume bottles, plus a vintage white ceramic vase filled with (fake) flowers..

CLOTHES CLOSET: Another beautifully-crafted part of this oak and metal suite, featuring another bevelled mirror on the closet door. Inside are five little hangers, all ready for dolly’s clothing. It measures 10.25in/26cm overall height x 5.5in/14cm wide x 3in/7.5cm depth.

SIDE CHAIR: A gorgeous little piece – note the base of crossing stretchers and the pierced pattern on its oak seat. Seat height is 2.5in/6cm.

MINIATURE CHAIR: A tiny, mid-century, vintage wooden chair is a perfect size for the cream teddy bear, both of which come with this room set.

RUG: A piece of pale green felt makes a perfect little rug.

WALLS:Covered in a delightful, leafy ,vintage-patterned paper, which has been mounted on two pieces of 5mm thick A3 foam board. Each piece of foam board measures 42x29.5cm or 11 5/8 x16 3/8in.

FURNITURE NOTE: The black metal framework which distinguishes all this Art Deco furniture, could arguably be repainted. We have not done this as we believe it will detract from the antique vale of the set, but if you want us to do this for you, we will. Please look carefully at our photo of the chair, and you will see the slight chips to the paint

Price: £350.00

PRICE: For all the items shown in this room set, the price is £350.00. Please note that this price excludes the doll who is described below.

DOLLS: Chosen from our selection of vintage dolls, she is a Pepper doll, who is rather unique in the vintage doll world because she has a scattering of little freckles on her upper cheeks. She stands 9.25in/23.5cm tall and is available upon request for £25.00; if you’d also like her crocheted dress, please add another £10.00. Note: there are lots of other vintage clothes available for this doll – please contact us with your requirements and we will photograph a sampling of what is currently available for Pepper, or take a look at our Easy shop, GoodGollyMissDollyUK.