Antique Ironwork Bedroom

Details of each item

BED: A really exceptional, antique, scrolled ironwork bed, which ingeniously, folds flat for storage. It has a “gilded” mesh base and gilded accents on its white paintwork. We believe it dates from the late 19th century or early 20th century. It comes with a hand-made mattress, vintage linen handkerchief pillowcase and sheet, and velvet bedspread. Note: all bedding is hand-made and hand-washable. On top of the bed sit a vintage clown doll and a stuffed giraffe. Please see the close-up photo of the bed to see the details of the fine bedclothes.

The inside measurement of each bed is 21.5cm or about 8.25 inches, making it ideal for the slightly smaller dolls such as the mini American Girl, Amanda Jane and those in the Madame Alexander range.

WARDROBE: A lovely, hand-painted cupboard, probably from Germany or Austria, and amazingly, with its original. exterior paintwork intact. Inside, we have lined it with wallpaper. On top sits a “gilded” birdcage with a little bird inside. Please see the close-up photo.

CHAIR: Vintage wooden chair with paper applique.

TABLE: An antique tripod table holds a blue, metal (non-working) clock, a metal candlestick and two books.

FOOTSTOOL: A vintage footstool helps dolly climb into her bed.

RUG: A vintage woven fabric scrap has been trimmed with vintage fringe.

WALLS: Covered in high-quality, vintage-patterned wrapping paper, which has been mounted on two pieces of 5mm thick A3 foam board. Each piece of foam board measures 42x29.5cm or 11 5/8 x16 3/8in. On the walls hang two brass-framed pictures of butterflies.

Price: £175.00

Please note that this price does not include any dolls or clothes shown. See below to buy this room set.

DOLLS: Chosen from our selection of vintage dolls – please see the DOLLS section of our website for a greater choice. The doll shown here is a long-haired Madame Alexander doll.


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