M ore about the dolls

The DOLLS are sold individually - see the relevant section of our website. Optional, additional clothing for each doll is also available - choose from a basic wardrobe, a deluxe wardrobe or the ultimate wardrobe for your doll. See the clothing section for more information regarding these options.

You will probably notice that vintage dolls, unlike modern dolls, have more varied looks and body shapes. What's more, each doll seems to have a personality all her own. Some have a naughty expression, some are shy and retiring, some rather winsome.

Please bear in mind that these are vintage items, and so although we strive to find dolls in the best possible condition, there are often some small flaws. We do our best to point these out to you before you buy the doll.

More about the Roomsets

The dolls' FURNITURE and accessories are sold as complete room sets. It's basically interior design on a very small scale. The following rooms are available:

Bedrooms Gardens
Kitchens Dining Rooms
Sitting Rooms Dressing Rooms

Although some of the furniture was made by well-respected manufacturers, most of it was not. The vast majority are "one-off" pieces, made by loving relatives for lucky children long ago. Each room set has been put together from our collection of these antique and vintage pieces. Therefore, please bear in mind that each room set is totally unique - due to the very nature of the items, no set can ever be duplicated.

Should you be interested in viewing more photos of a specific room set, please contact us here.

How do the roomsets work?

A doll's house can be quickly assembled by placing one room's walls next to another room's walls, as shown below. If and when necessary, the walls fold flat and the furniture can be packed away.